Managed Services

Our primary commitment is to support your business needs and be faster and more reliable than our competition. Global PC can manage and monitor your systems, ensure your data is regularly and safely backed up, and keep your systems protected and secure.

Managed IT Services

With Managed IT Services your IT becomes our responsibility.

This means it is in our interest to provide rapid and effective responses in the event of any loss of service. It also ensures we will use the best network management software and tools to prevent that loss of service.  Your company can hand over the day-to-day IT management responsibilities to Global PC.  This results in optimal performance and servicing of your systems. For small and medium companies, having Global PC manage your IT services is more cost effective than having a dedicated internal IT resource.

Server Monitoring and Maintenance

Your servers are the heart of your IT infrastructure. Any downtime means a massive loss in productivity. Global PC combines 24-hour server monitoring with proactive maintenance to keep your business running. If your server goes down, we know about it within minutes, and often take action before you know about the problem. Your server's uptime is our priority, and we take it very personally.   We have resources and stock – underpinned by the physical presence of our two large 7-day retail stores, our resources are limitless and immediate.

Data Backup and Security

Prevention or cure?  Is your business IT prepared for disaster? Disaster recovery planning ensures your business can continue to operate after a disaster. A disaster might be a fire, flood, earthquake or even theft of critical business IT equipment.

With a detailed disaster recovery plan and strategy, your business can be safeguarded from extended downtime if an IT disaster occurs. Disaster recovery planning is a lot like insurance. Many of us will never need to use it but, on the rare occasions when we do, we're glad we invested in it.

Global PC will work with small and medium-sized businesses to set up disaster recovery plans and implement strategies for protection against disaster.

Domain Name Management

Global PC manages registration, management, legal implications and renewal of domain names. Too often companies lose their domain names due to problems with managing the renewal. By dealing with Global PC we take care of all your domain name needs for one bi-annual fee.


Microsoft SPLA - Service Provider Level Agreement

Microsoft provides a Service Provider Level Agreement, which enables service providers such as Global PC to provide hosted Microsoft software to your business on a month by month basis. In essence, your business hires the software, rather than buying it outright. You pay as you use via a monthly fee, as opposed to a large initial purchase. This allows the flexibility of increasing or decreasing the number of licences on a monthly basis as changing staff levels require. Allowing Global PC to provide and manage your software under this agreement also ensures you always have the latest version of the software.


Email hosting

Hosted email through Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange Online provides a secure, flexible, and accessible email solution for your business. With Exchange Online you will be able to access your business email, calendar, and contacts on your PC, phone, and web browser. Exchange Online also provides continuous data backup, the latest defences against malware and spam, and a web-based Administration Centre, allowing your business a much higher level of email control and management.

Email filtering

Mail Mortal is a highly accurate online anti-spam filter providing protection from 99% of spam email. It's sophisticated scan-and-score system ensures your business avoids the trash but still receives the email you want.

Mail Mortal operates outside your network and will work with Exchange and POP3/SMTP. Mail Mortal is managed and supported in New Zealand, ensuring email is not stuck in traffic travelling all over the world. Local management also means support is available during local business hours.

  • 99% of spam blocked
  • Customised reporting
  • Zero use of company resources
  • Inward and outward email scanning
  • No disruption to email service
  • Self learning software
  • Email virus scanner
  • No installation required

Email archiving

Global PC provides email and attachment archiving through Mimecast. Mimecast Cloud Archiving reduces your email storage overheads and keeps your mailboxes manageable, while still giving you fast and easy access when needed.

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Managed Services

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