Service Level Agreement

A Service Level Agreement delivers a package of services tailored to your business for a monthly fee. Your risk becomes our risk. Read on to compare the benefits of a proactive IT solution versus a reactive or break-fix solution.

Do you feel lucky?

How important is your data and computer network to your business? Can you afford, or will you be able to afford a major time, service, or data loss at an unexpected moment? A reactive solution will attempt to pick up the pieces after the disaster. This will cost your business an unknown amount of time and money. Can your business survive a worst case scenario? At the worst time? Is your business prepared for a sudden and possibly major loss?

A common interest in stability

With a break-fix or reactive solution, the IT service provider makes money from correcting breakdowns in your system. The larger and more frequent the disasters, and the longer they take to fix, the better for the service provider's business.

With a managed or proactive solution, the IT service provider earns it's keep by preventing breakdowns in your system.  Both you and your IT provider have a common interest in eliminating breakdowns and loss of service. And because the provider receives a set monthly fee - one you can more easily budget for - it is in their interest to keep your systems running smoothly, and avoid unnecessary support time.

Your risk becomes our risk

With a Global PC Service Level Agreement you receive the assurance of our professional indemnity insurance and a 100% uptime guarantee during working hours for server hardware and software.*

Each hour of downtime during business hours is credited back to you at standard charge-out rates. Your IT becomes our responsibility. This means it is in our interest to provide the fastest and most effective response possible in the event of loss of service. It also ensures we will use the best network management software and tools to prevent that loss of service.

*Hardware must first meet Global PC approval



  • Single point of contact - we'll assign a primary technician (and a secondary technician as backup)
  • Direct access to technicians via cellphone number
  • Access to after hours 24/7 phone number
  • Unlimited remote support included for remote access repairs (fair use policy applies). Training excluded.
  • Option to raise issue to senior technician for complicated technical issues


  • Monitoring of servers under an environment of proactive, continuous improvement and best practice.
  • Monitoring of all computers
  • Web filtering on all computers
  • Automatic patch updates including Java, Flash, Adobe Reader and others (see
  • Antivirus (GFI Max)
  • Offsite server backup - with options for workstation backup (additional charge)
  • Email filtering
  • Remote access software installed on all computers

Rates & billing

  • Fixed service rates for term of contract
  • One bill for all service work


  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Uptime guarantee

100% uptime guarantee during working hours for server hardware and software. Credit at standard charge-out rate for each hour of downtime during business hours. (Excludes power cuts and natural events. Excludes line-of-business software - e.g., payroll or invoicing software. Hardware and software must be Global PC approved.)

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Managed Services

I'm interested. Where do we go from here?

You probably have a few questions. Give us a call on 03 961 7286 and we'll do our best to give you some answers.

When you're ready to take it further we'll arrange a time to sit down with you at your place of business and discuss your needs. At this time we can explain all the technologies available and how they can help you, and we will do so in a "non-techie" way.

If you like what you hear, we'll put together a proposal and quote that will fit your needs and budget.

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